How To Apply Temporary Tattoos:

    1. Determine an appropriate area to place the tattoo.  You may want to have it visibly placed or hidden under clothes so that only the wearer is aware of its location.  Clean that spot thoroughly with soap and water, and allow to completely dry.  For best results, the spot should have little or no body hair.
    2. Peel off the clear protective layer from the front of the tattoo.
    3. Place tattoo on your selected body area, face-down and press firmly.
    4. Hold a wet washcloth or papertowel against the tattoo for about 30 seconds.  Peek under one of the corners to see if the tattoo has transferred to your skin.  If so, remove the paper by peeling  or sliding off the backing (sometimes sliding the paper off seems to work better), and your tattoo is applied.  If not, hold for a few additional seconds and try again.
    5. Write the number to be contacted in the event the child is lost after you apply the tattoo and it has dried.

Tattoos generally last up to 3-5 days if treated gently--even through swimming or bathing.  If you use any body lotions or creams, do not apply them to the tattoo, as these types of products can act as a removing agent.  Also, avoid heavily chlorinated water, as this may cause the tattoo to fade prematurely.  Rewrite the number with the marker should it start to fade.

If you need to remove the tattoo for any reason, use rubbing alcohol or baby oil and with a little gentle scrubbing, it will come right off.


Be sure the skin is completely dry before applying the tattoo--this is perhaps the most important application instruction.

How To Personalize Your Tattoo:

After you have applied the tattoo, use a marker to write in the designated area the phone number to call in case of an emergency.  Markers are available in a convenient travel kit.  See the "Order Here Now!" page.

About Temporary Tattoos:

Temporary tattoos are removable tattoos that go on the skin with water and can last up to 7 days.  To remove the design at any point, it is simple to do with rubbing alcohol or baby oil.

Temporary tattoos are regulated by the FDA in the United States.  This means they must comply with FDA guidelines for approved safety.  All of our tattoos use only FDA certified colors and are perfectly safe for anyone.  Do not apply temporary tattoos on or near the eyes.

All of our temporary tattoos are:

  • SAFE


Acrylic Multipolymer, Alkyd Polyester Resin, Phenolic Modified Gloss Varnish, Petroleum Isopariffinic Hydrocarbon, Petrolatum, Cobalt Tallate Drier, Black Iron Oxide, FD & C Blue #1 Brilliant Blue FCF Lake, FD & C Yellow #5 Tartrazine Lake, D & C Red #7 Lithol Rubin B CA Lake, FD & C Yellow #6 Sunset Yellow FCF Lake, Titanium Dioxide