Lost and Found Temporary Tattoos for Children

Lost and Found Temporary Tattoos™ are a unique way to help ensure if your child is lost they will be found.  If your child gets lost or injured it can be a stressful situation for your child.  Although memorized, a phone number may not be easy for your child to remember when lost.  Lost and Found Temporary Tattoos™ help your child remember important phone numbers because they simply know to look for the tattoo.

As a parent, you now have a way to feel secure when your child is in any crowded place or not under your direct care (theme parks, school field trips, shopping malls, sporting events etc.).  Lost and Found Temporary Tattoos™ greatly reduce the amount of time that your child will be separated from you in the event they are lost.

Although other identification products are useful (ID bracelets, labels or wristbands) they can be removed and, therefore, are not as effective.

All the Parent or Guardian needs to do is:

  1. Purchase a Lost and Found Temporary Tattoo™.
  2. Remove clear plastic shield.
  3. Place Lost and Found Temporary Tattoo™ where you want it, shiny side toward skin.
  4. Press a wet paper towel to the back side of the tattoo and hold firmly for 30 seconds.
  5. Slowly remove paper backing from skin.
  6. Allow tempory tattoo to dry before touching, covering with clothing or writing phone number.
  7. Fill out the contact information on the tattoo with a marker (available in a convenient travel kit) after the tattoo has been applied.

Lost and Found Temporary Tattoos™ generally last 3-5 days or, if desired, they can be easily removed with baby oil or rubbing alcohol.  They are resistant to water so they make it through most vacations.

Peace of mind is that easy!

Available in attractive styles for both girls and boys.