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Our mission at Tattoos With A Purpose, LLC is to provide high quality temporary tattoos available both to consumers and retailers while providing the highest level of service and satisfaction to our customers.

Tattoos With A Purpose, LLC has been in business since 2004 and has become the leader in useful temporary tattoos.

Our internet store uses the latest technologies available to provide a comfortable shopping experience on the internet.  Our extensive use of technology keeps our cost low and our level of service high.  We make it easy for you to find what you are looking for and you can rest assured that we are committed to your privacy and the security of all your on-line transactions.  We provide our customers the highest level of internet security available today.

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         What people are saying about Lost and Found Temporary Tattoos™:

"Well How do I start?  I was given a set of your tattoos as a gift before a recent vacation.  We were traveling to North Carolina for a family retreat. I didn't really believe they were a great idea, but the kids loved them so my wife and I gave one to each child as we roamed the hotel and attached park.  What a wonderful thing.  Our 3 year old drifted off on his own while we were checking out at a store. As we began frantically looking for him my cellular phone rang and one of the hotel service associates had seen him wandering and when approaching him noticed the tattoo and called me.  What a wonderful ID!! I love your product and recommend it to everyone I know going on any type of trip."  
C.Barker, Upper Sandusky, OH

"What an inexpensive way to ensure my children remembered their phone number in case they got separated from me at Disney World."
C. Dowdican, Warren, MI

"Your product is perfect for my sister, who has a problem with her kids taking off at airports, etc.  She was writing “tattoos” with a felt tip marker on their arms, but now that they are 3 & 5, she was getting a lot of pushback- I’m sure they will be much happier putting on cool real tattoos."
L. Frey, Alameda, CA

"It's the way to go for all concerned parents who worry about their children when in the care of others.  It's just like they say...It's peace of mind made easy!"
C. Johnson, Middlesex, NC

"Great idea, we have three kids (ages 2,3,4) and they get lost VERY quickly. Now that the boys are a little older we are finally getting out of the house to go on trips and have some fun.  Our two year old has been lost twice this year at an amusement park and a very crowded festival! Very scary and the small amount of time we were separated seemed like an eternity. Since then, we have purchased "If I'm Lost" bracelets but it's a concern that they may come off or the kids can remove them if they decide they don't want to wear them. Thanks for this great new product."
D. Boone, Alameda, CA  

"My son has down syndrome and this is the greatest thing, since he won't wear a bracelet and is non-verbal.  Thanks so, so much.  The very worried mother...." 
D. Amat - Warwick, RI

"We are headed to Disney World this fall with our three girls and my newphew.  One of the girls has a diagnosis of ADD and PDD, she is verbal, but she cannot answer questions well.  If she were to be lost, she would carry on a teriffic conversation with a potential rescuer, never divulging any useful information about how to find me or where she lives that might be used to return her to us.  These tattoos have answered my prayers.  I have never been so stressed about a trip as I have about heading to Florida.  My daughter has very little regard for anything aside from what is inside her head.   These will give us a little peace of mind that if she does get misdirected, she can be helped back to us.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  You are all geniuses!!!!
D. Kopeykin, Blackwood, NJ 

"I just wanted to let you know that I just received my tattoos.  They are fantastic."
B. Sonter, Perth, Western Australia

What people are saying about Lost and Found Temporary Tattoos for Individuals with Autism:
"May your business continue to strive.  I have a seven year old with autism and I'm very lucky he can tell you his name.  Austic children are some times not able to tell you their name or anything about them.  This bit of info would help alot with autistic kids.  You are doing a great service to all parents by offering such a wonderful product.  These tattoos are just great!"
M. Rivera, Orlando, FL

"Kids with Autism are constantly running off and most do not speak.  So I thank you for doing what you're doing.  It could really save lives!  Thank you."
D. Baylor, Cinncinnati, OH

What people are saying about Lost and Found Temporary Tattoos for Individuals With Alzheimers Disease:

"I can't keep my eye on my mother every minute and she has wandered out two times without my knowledge.  Both times, caring people spotted the Lost and Found Tattoo and gave me a call.  There are caring people in this world.  Thanks to them and to the makers of Lost and Found Temporary Tattoos™."
T. Stabnick, Florence, SC

         What people are saying about Lost and Found Temporary                      
         Tattoos for people allergic to nuts:

           "If you knew how many times I said 'If only I could just tattoo him with                             "No Peanuts!"'  Thanks to you guys, now I can!!"         
           B.Hecker, Barrington, RI 
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