Lost and Found Temporary Tattoos‘ are a unique way to help ensure if your child is lost they will be found. If your child gets lost or injured it can be a stressful situation for your child. Although memorized, a phone number may not be easy for your child to remember when lost. Lost and Found Temporary Tattoos‘ help your child remember important phone numbers because they simply know to look for the tattoo. As a parent, you now have a way to feel secure when your child is in any crowded place or not under your direct care (theme parks, school field trips, shopping malls, sporting events etc.). Lost and Found Temporary Tattoos‘ greatly reduce the amount of time that your child will be separated from you or a guardian, in the event they are lost. Although other identification products are useful (ID bracelets, labels or wristbands) they can be removed and, therefore, are not as effective. We also offer other child safety products that help specifically with children with Autism or who are nonverbal, in addition to peanut allergies tattoos. We also offer temporary tattoos for individuals with Alzheimer's Disease. These temporary tattoos offer travel safety and peace of mind! "Well how do I start? I was given a set of your tattoos as a gift before a recent vacation. We were traveling to North Carolina for a family retreat. I didn't really believe they were a great idea, but the kids loved them. My wife and I gave one to each child before we set out to roam the hotel and attached park. What a wonderful thing. Our three year old drifted off on his own while we were checking out at a store. As we began frantically looking for him my cellular phone rang and one of the hotel service associates had seen him wandering. After approaching my son, the associate noticed the tattoo and called me. What a wonderful ID!! I love your product and recommend it to everyone I know going on any type of trip. Just remind all the parents out there that their child should only find someone with a name tag or a badge of they do find themselves lost!"

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